The Secret Bike/Walk Map of Nashua – FacilMap


Name Distance Time Description
Hillside to Manchster St 0.55 km 0:08 h by bicycle

Biking walking path through Greeley Park

Greeley Path to Concord St 0.64 km 0:04 h by bicycle

Biking Walking from Concord St in Greeley

Bridge across Henri Burque Hwy to Pennichuck 0.49 km 0:07 h by bicycle

Biking walking across the hwy to Pennichuck

Path to Pennichuck bridge 0.13 km 0:02 h by bicycle

If you want to walk or bike across the highway.

Holman to Amherst St Shortcut 0.04 km

Yes, this is a legit city owned path despite how it may look. Neighbors take down the signs

RR Bridge from Canal St to Temple St 0.3 km 0:01 h by bicycle

Nice path and shortcut to avoid Mat St bridge

Nashua Riverwalk Library Side 0.47 km 0:05 h by bicycle

Biking walking path along the river

Library walk to the river 0.13 km 0:02 h on foot

Stairs from the parking lot

Sculpture walk to the river 0.07 km 0:00 h on foot

Has stairs so not great for a bike but a nice shortcut

Untitled line 0.61 km
Former Bridge to Nowhere 0.14 km 0:02 h by bicycle

There are steps at the North side but still a good shortcut

Path to Bernie's Bypass 0.18 km 0:02 h by bicycle

It has a name I will update when I find it again. Nice paved path from Baldwin St to the parkway

Path from Hanniford's to Nashua North 1.4 km 0:07 h by bicycle

This is a good path to avoid much of Broad St

Footbridge across the River to Nashua South 0.57 km 0:02 h by bicycle

There are many trails in Mine Falls park, this is the short way to cross the river

Heritage Rail Trail 2.11 km 0:09 h by bicycle

Biking and walking rail trail from Main St City Hall to Simon St and Min Falls

Bridge from Ledge St to Mine Falls and Mills area 0.21 km 0:02 h by bicycle

A good shortcut to avoid Pine st roads

Mine Falls to Heritage Trail Route 0.55 km 0:02 h by bicycle

Canal bridge and route from Mine Falls to Heritage Trail

Cheat Path on Chester Street 0.03 km 0:00 h by bicycle

The street is blocked for cars but a small sidewalk path still connects

Library Way 0.08 km 0:00 h on foot

Alley at 100 Main to Court St and the library. Walking but bikable.